The simplicity of using PVRE HEADER

The Simplicity of Using PVRE

PVRE, the easiest to use vaping device available!

One of the more overlooked aspects of using vaping to quit smoking is how simple the vaping device is to use. For a first-time vaper having a device that has multiple power options, coils to change or build, and other confusing settings isn’t usually the way to go.

PVRE is a vaping device that is among the simplest to use, whilst never compromising on safety, quality, or flavour. The PVRE Device has a fixed power, and no coil to change. This makes the device very simple and user friendly.


How to use the PVRE Device

The PVRE Device is really as simple as filling the pod with PVRE e-liquid and placing the pod in the device. Once this is done you can leave it for 5-10 minutes and it is ready to vape. This simplicity makes it ideal for anyone looking to quit smoking with vaping. There’s no more to it than that.

Once you’ve finished the e-liquid that comes with the pod kit you can dispose or recycle the pod and get a new one. You don’t even need to change the coil as it is pre-built into the pod.

On top of this PVRE is up to 5x more cost effective than similar devices such as VUSE or JUUL which only contain 2ml of e-liquid. As you can refill the PVRE Pod this means you can use 10ml of e-liquid with the PVRE Device.

Overall PVRE is a simple vape device, amongst the simplest to use, is it better for the environment, and it is more cost effective compared to similar devices.


A simple vaping device with good flavour?

Normally with simple vaping devices you compromise on flavour and the power output combined with inferior e-liquid produces a subpar product.

This isn’t the case with PVRE. Despite the PVRE Device being the easiest vape to use available, the flavour and e-liquid quality remains high. The PVRE e-liquid flavours go through rigorous testing to make sure the flavour is perfect, and safety is a prime concern. PVRE goes to show that simple doesn’t always mean less.

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