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Subscription Service

Subscription Service

Free device kit

with the first 50 subscriptions

We aim to make life better, simpler and cleaner. 

To make your life even easier, we offer our customers monthly, weekly or bi-weekly subscriptions, delivered to your door, automatically processed with every renewal.

GO PVRE. Empowering you to go, and remain smoke free.


Up to 20% off on your PVRE subscription


You can now purchase products as a one off purchase, on a monthly subscription or through a Bi-weekly subscription.

All you have to do is go to your favourite product, select either one off (no subscription), or monthly/weekly subscriptions.

All the products added to your subscription packages will be added to your chosen subscription interval after checkout.

You can manage, change, cancel or edit your subscriptions from your account, before your next subscription run.



  1. Once off purchase – no discounts purchases
  2. Weekly subscription – 15% discount on subscription cart total
  3. Every two weeks (bi-weeklY) – 10% discount on subscription cart total
  4. Monthly – 5% discount on subscription cart total

Shop for your favourites on www.gopvre.com. Before adding products to your cart decide if it will be a once off purchase (no subscription), or if that product will form part of your own personal subscription.

You can add as many subscription products to your basket. 

Everything marked as subscription will renew either monthly, or weekly as chosen by you.

You can also add to your subscriptions from every checkout to create one large, or a few smaller subscriptions.

All our payments on www.gopvre.com are powered by Viva Wallet.

Powered by Viva Wallet

To learn more about Viva Wallet, visit https://www.vivawallet.com/

We hope you don’t need to cancel your subscription but if you do then, go to Your Account and navigate to subscriptions. From here you can cancel your various subscriptions.

Go to Your Account and navigate to subscriptions. From here you can change your various subscriptions.

New subscriptions can also be created during checkout, and additional products can be added to existing subscriptions during checkout.

Yes! Go to Your Account and navigate to subscriptions. From here you can upgrade, downgrade or change your various subscriptions.

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