Introducing PVRE

Introduction to PVRE

PVRE’s mission

We’ve been posting and talking a lot about PVRE lately, and some people might’ve been wondering what is PVRE? Well, PVRE is a new vaping product with big ambition. It is our mission to educate, support and consistently develop our product to make it the most effective alternative to smoking tobacco.

PVRE has been designed to provide clear and scientifically based information on how effective this vape system is in comparison to the potential harm caused by the top 40 cigarette brands.

The PVRE vape system has been developed by our team of 20 scientists which is comprised of toxicologists, chemists, and laboratory technicians as well as our leading manufacturing partner in China. Many of us who created the PVRE brand are ex-smokers and have found vaping to be the most reliable tool to keep off tobacco and remain smoke free.


What’s in PVRE’s Flavours?

At PVRE we use synthetic flavourings and here’s why:

Using natural flavourings can mean that harmful and sometimes cancer-causing compounds are carried over from the original source (e.g., aniseed). This is also a risk when using organic flavourings. We believe that it’s important to know exactly what is going into our flavourings and that our customers are not exposed to these harmful compounds. That’s why our expert flavourists craft the purist flavours using pharmaceutical grade chemicals and high-quality aroma chemicals. This gives us full control meaning we can guarantee only the best flavours.


Why PVRE uses Nicotine Salts?

Because nicotine salts can more closely replicate cigarette-like nicotine delivery in the lung, they are more effective in enabling switching to e-cigarettes and remaining smoke free.

The form of nicotine ordinarily used in e-liquids is termed as ‘freebase’ nicotine. however, nicotine is volatile and as a result, more likely to cause an irritant effect.

When nicotine deposits in the mouth, its absorption is slower than that with a conventional cigarette. This is because nicotine in tobacco exists in the form of so-called “nicotine salts”.

Nicotine salts are formed by the reaction of nicotine (freebase) with a suitable weak acid and are less volatile than freebase nicotine. As a result, a greater amount of the nicotine in the salt form would be expected to remain in inhaled aerosol droplets until the aerosol reaches the alveoli for pulmonary absorption. This also reduces the throat and upper respiratory tract irritation observed with freebase nicotine.


PVRE & the environment

We understand that every action we take can have an impact on the world around us, which is why we have made sure that PVRE pods are approximately 5X more recyclable than any other leading closed pod system.

This is one of the many reasons why PVRE is such a sustainable brand. PVRE e-liquids are produced in our custom built, energy efficient facility in London, powered by our own roof solar panels. We are also proudly certified to ISO 14001:2015 and have worked to reduce the waste that stems from our products.


PVRE & Cost

We understand that due to events around the world that there has been a strain on peoples finances. When we looked at other closed pod systems, we noticed that the price was high based on the convenience, we wanted to amend this trend. Our pod kits priced at £8.99 can be up to 5x more cost effective than other leading closed pod systems. This is because each pod is refillable, instead of using 2ml per pod and disposing, you can fill our pods with up to 10ml of e-liquid. This also has a huge impact on the environment as you’ll be disposing 5x less than with other systems.

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