18+ only

You must be over 18 to purchase PVRE products. We have an effective and monitored age verification process provided by VerifyMyAge. We will not sell to persons that do not meet the age restrictions for this product and by continuing with a purchase you consent to the processing of your personal data for age verification purposes.

Age verification is done after purchase.

No sales will be made to those who cannot verify their age.

Verification Methods

VerifyMyAge check with third-party databases, to verify your customers age without interrupting their shopping experience. When this isn’t possible, the customer has three other quick-and-easy methods to choose from.


Database Check
We capture information from your customers’ orders, and verify their age without them having to act.

Mobile Phone Number
By sending a text to a UK mobile number, we verify the phone is authorised for use by a person aged 18+.

AI-Powered Age Estimation
After taking a short selfie video, artificial intelligence indicates whether your customer is aged 25+.

Passport Or Driver’s License Scan
We verify your customers’ age and identity using their scanned government ID or driver’s license.

Credit Card
We verify the cardholder is 18+ using their credit card records.