Educate + Support

It is our mission to educate, support and consistently develop our product to make it the most effective alternative to smoking tobacco.

Vaping is the most effective tobacco harm reduction product since people started smoking tobacco. However, current rules prevent vaping from reaching its full potential in the UK and EU. Our Public and Regulatory Affairs team, made up of over 20 leading scientists, engage with legislators and regulatory bodies to educate them on the benefits of vaping and bring about changes that would save more lives.

Although millions of people have used vaping to effectively quit tobacco usage, vaping is still perceived by a significant amount of the population as either just as harmful or more harmful than smoking.

PVRE has been designed to provide clear and scientifically based information on how effective this vape system is in comparison to the potential harm caused by the top 40 cigarette brands.

The PVRE vape system has been developed by our team of 20 scientists which is comprised of toxicologists, chemists and laboratory technicians as well as our leading manufacturing partner in China.  

Many of us who created the PVRE brand are ex-smokers and have found vaping to be the most reliable tool to keep off tobacco and remain smoke free.

Duty of Care

  1. Knowing what is in our products: All our ingredients are of the highest quality. This means we ensure we only use ingredients that are certified as food or pharmaceutical grade. ​
  2. Ensuring our products do not pose a risk to consumers: We carry out a full toxicological risk assessment of ALL our ingredients. ​
  3. Compliance with Legislation: We ensure that all our e-liquids are compliant with the EU Tobacco product Directive (TPD2) and also adhere to international and national standards wherever applicable.


Juan has over 30 years’ industry experience in research, development and safety evaluation of a wide range of products, including medicines, cosmetics and consumer goods.




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