5 vaping facts you need to know for 2022 SMALL

5 Vaping Facts You Need To Know For 2022

In 2021, new vaping trends arose within the vaping trade that was destined to shape the choices that vapers make. With exciting shifts changing the vaping device market, what are the top 5 vaping trends consumers need to know about before entering 2022 and how they relate to the PVRE Device


Smaller Vaping Devices

As the vaping market is growing bigger, vaping devices are getting smaller. With the constant demand for technology to become more accessible and easier to use.

Vaping devices are shrinking, allowing vapers to each carry a small vape pen that can easily be slipped into their pockets or bag.

PVRE is no exception. We have produced an extremely lightweight and simple to carry device. The PVRE Device is perfect for your everyday needs, you won’t even notice it in your pocket or bag.


Disposable users switching to pod devices

Although disposable devices were extremely popular in 2021 and remain popular in the early months of 2022, we don’t expect this trend to last. More and more users will be switching to pod devices as they look to cut costs to both their wallet and the environment. Pods provide customers a more permanent solution to help them quit smoking long-term.

The PVRE Device is perfectly placed to help these disposable users make the transition. It is a very simple device that requires almost as little set up as a disposable but provides a much more cost-effective solution to smoking. Further to this is it significantly more environmentally friendly.


Increased Regulations

It seems that in 2022, there will be an increase in regulations to add to the already stringent rules surrounding the vape industry. With unjustified worries about the safety of vaping in some countries, it is likely that regulations will become even tighter.

Disposables are likely to be hit hard by any new regulations making the importance of easy to maintain pod devices, such as the PVRE Device even more important.


Increased Popularity of Nicotine Salts

By far the biggest growing area of the e-liquid market is nicotine salts. Nicotine salts, act more quickly than free base nicotine, making it more effective in terms of quitting smoking. It is also smoother on the throat meaning that you can vape higher amounts of nicotine without it being harsh on your throat.

The PVRE Device exclusively uses nicotine salts because nicotine salts can more closely replicate cigarette-like nicotine delivery in the lung. They are more effective in enabling switching to vaping and remaining smoke free.


Continued popularity of menthol and ice Liquids

For vapers who crave a more intense vaping experience, Ice and Menthol e-liquids have become a go-to product and are set to become even more popular this year. When inhaled, these e-juices produce an ice-cold hit alongside a burst of flavour. There are a number of PVRE e-liquids that produce this sensation such as Berry Ice, Ice Mint and Triple Menthol.

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